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Reflection of Cyclist on Water


This is where I go more in depth about each video you saw at the "Home" Page  

Featured Athlete: Video 1

Lollapalooza: Video 2

This video was shot by me and a friend at the time. We made our own little hype video from Lollapalooza. Just so we could relive it one last time. It wasn't for money. It was just for fun. I was the sole editor of it. You see some of my shots and some of my Friends Zach shots. In the end I wish I could have made more of an effort on the sound design. Meaning getting faint crowd noise or getting the "woosh" of the fire. The small SFX would make this video pop more. In any video I am my own harshest critic and I think every one of these videos could have been better! Fun Fact: most of these shots weren't even taken at Lolla. 

Men's Baketball Intro: Video 4

This was a cool video to work on. I was more on the post editing for this video. Specifically I helped out more on the audio side. My job was to make sure that the audio of Air Traffic control and the music didn't clip and played well with each other. I also made sure the music fit well and the commentary of the plays didn't over power the video. The lesson on this video was when we were color correcting, we came into some trouble and that is why it was black and white. I wish I could have gone back and had different camera settings when filming in an airplane hangar.

The Process Episode: Video 6

This series won a student Emmy and it is humbling to know I was apart of it. I only selected part of the episode as the website may explode if I tried to upload the whole thing. This was the episode I specifically worked on and edited! I will let this series speak for itself. I wish our interviews had better backdrops, and not as close to the wall. Fun Fact: The Full episode has a scene at a Restaurant where two players talk about the season. They ate about 2,000 calories during that meal. 


Profile Piece: Video 3

This one is a short profile piece on Justin Hall. He was one of our star Wide receivers on the Ball State football team. I include this one because the turn around time on this video was a day. It had to be shot, and edited in 24 hours. We had to go out and interview an athlete, pull highlights from our server and put together a short bio on this player in a short amount of time. The thing I wish we did better was the interview spot was BORING. The backdrop was just white and I thought we should have had him on a 1/3 of the frame instead of being in the middle. Always room for improvement. Fun Fact: Stayed up till 3 am to finish it for the deadline. 

Football Homecoming: Video 5

This is one of the last projects I produced for Ball State. It was a homecoming hype video. We wanted to make it more cinematic hence we used 4k on black magic cameras. We also had very calming ambient music and sound effects at the beginning. I also WROTE the poem for narration that was performed by one of my audio teachers at the time, because his voice fit perfectly. The lesson in this one is I wish I had more highlights scattered about, and edited in. As well as I wish I added more live commentary of the plays. This is a great piece for sound design. One of the most challenging, but well received videos. Fun Fact: The first sprinkler scene was a total guess on timing and I got soaking wet.

Firework Display: Video 7

This video is short and sweet. There is more behind this video to me though. Sure this is a cool shot, but this was during my summer in Bismarck North Dakota working for the baseball team The Bismarck Larks. This was also the night that we were awarded Best Webcast in the NWL (North Woods League). While in Bismarck I produced the livestreams and we were awarded the best Webcast out of all the teams. A very prestigious award that I was excited to receive. Fun Fact: That is the silhouette of the coach, and he didn't want to stand there so I offered him a beer (after the game) if he just stood there for 5 minutes. I'll do anything for a shot!

This is the first video that loads up when you visit my website. There is a reason behind it. Is it one my best videos? I don't believe so. There are errors in the video. For example, music had tough transitions throughout the video, and we used to many pictures. However, this video is driven by a narrative. It is told by Jacob White. This video exemplifies the use of 3 interviews with 2 to 3 different angles per interview. It demonstrates how to piece together a coherent video with multiple perspectives. Both the head coach and linebacker coach giving an insight to who Jacob White is, and how he recovered from his injury. The Small details is why this video stands out to me. The Jacob White interview scene and the detail of turning all the helmets in the lockers so we had flow in the frame. The pictures we used being blown out and blurry in the background for it not to be boring and to keep the video moving. The color correction so that each clip fit well with each other. Some of the interviews were too blue and cold, so we had to warm it up because of the way the video felt and how the other interviews looked. I think anyone can make a 1 minute hype video over a bed of music, and edit it well. However, some producers and videographers struggle with storytelling. Storytelling is a tough skill to grasp and pick up. To sift through 12 hours of footage to make a 3 minute and 38 second video that is meaningful and has a narrative is tough. 

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