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Photo: Me filming one of the rappers we made music video for (WemmyMo)

Kyle L. Bell 

From Chicago, Illinois, USA

About Me:

If you haven't already seen my name is Kyle Bell. These past couple of years have been a journey for me. I graduated Ball State University in May of 2020 with a major in Digital Sports Production with a minor in Spanish. Then the pandemic shut us all down. I tried to apply for media sports jobs, but since sports were unable to play during that time my career and passion came to a halt. I had to act fast in order to keep myself afloat. So I became a free-lancer for a media company in the Chicago land area (3 Degrees North). It specialized in sport athlete videos and rap music videos. I also learned how to trade the stock market in 2016, so I ended up being an option and small cap swing trader (My twitter is all about the stock market right now). Not only that but I went back to school to get my Real Estate License in Illinois and became a broker. 

*Deep Breath*

While that was a fun and chaotic couple of years. I did gain a lot of knowledge about sales and about how markets work. However, I quickly realized that I was missing something. I was missing my creative side. I was missing making hype videos for fans and audiences to enjoy. I was missing making sponsors happy by making them a cool edit. I was missing the adrenaline and fun of staying up till 3 am finishing an edit. My passion and motivation is being behind a camera watching people light up as they watch one of my edits. If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to ask me anytime. My contact info is at the bottom. Also refer to the "info" page for more information about the videos you saw and about me.

If you need or want to see more videos and/or some of the award winning live streams from my time in Bismarck let me know.  

Contact me - 
Cell: 708-446-5752
Twitter: @KyleTheBell (600 followers just to make it easier to find me) 
             @Sh0kDynasty (with a Zero, this used to be my stock twitter) 

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